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      Dangshan sinojuice Food Co., ltd located in the area which is well-known as " the capital of pear " in China. Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region. North part in Anhui province. It is joint-stock company which focus on the fruit comprehensive process and export to the world. The distance to Xuzhou city is 84Km and shanghai near 700Km. the expressway、the Zheng-Xu high speed railway across the Dangshan. The traffic is very convenient.

        Dangshan is very famous for pears, apples and peaches in the world. We diversify these fruits with deep processing, our products including Apple Juice Concentrate 、Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate 、 Pear Juice Concentrate、Deionized Pear Juice Concentrate 、Gojiberry Juice Concentrate、 Peach Juice Concentrate 、Peach Puree Concentrate 、Apple Pectin 、Lycium barbarum polysaccharides 、Gojiberry Freezen powder、Lycopene、Tomato Powder  and Canned Yellow Peach etc.

         We devote ourselves to keeping food safety with foodstuffs knowledge and technology, adhere to principles of“ win by quality , credit by sincerity ”and creating sustainable development strategy make the life for people around the world become more happy、healthier and safer.

         We seriously implement the strategy of resource、market and internationalization, pay more attention to science and technology innovation, management innovation and improve the quality of the team. build a strong international competitive company in food industry, Reassure people from around the world use our products happily and enjoy our services