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Children with various fruit like apple and peach
Category:Dynamics    2017-06-09 10:57
My nephew is just one year old and he would like to see me when I eat apple. However, he cannot eat it yet as the apple juice concentrate supplier China said. How could we deal with this situation for those little children when they want to eat various fruit?
Whole fruits, not just the sweet, fiberless liquid contained within are the most nutritious form of the food. Babies under 1 year old should be getting breast milk or formula until they’re ready to try solid foods. So even for the delicious canned yellow peach or other apple juice or peach juice, we cannot give more for those babies. Meanwhile, we should know that whole fruits or, mashed up clumps of them have more fiber and protein than juice. The only benefit that juice has over its former whole form is that it’s way easier for a kid to slurp down.
So we should know that next time, when we see pear juice concentrate free shipping, we cannot just say that we will buy this for children as we should figure out which kind of fruit kids can eat in the age period.