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Apple Puree
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Apple Puree

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Details Product Attributes
Basic PropertiesThe original color of fresh apple. Dilute to 8.5Brifx,with natural fresh apple fragrance and flavor, without peculiar smell. Pure particle size 0.5mm to 0.7mm or according to customer requirements.

Physicochemical Specifications

Items Specifications
Soluble solids(refraction at 20℃),Brix 10.0-13.0 30.0-33.0
Total acid (as malic acid, titrate to end point PH=8.1)% 0.10-0.40 0.40-1.0
pH value 3.2-4.2
Vitamin C As customer requirements
Patulin ≤50
Cu ≤5.0
Pb ≤0.1
As ≤0.1
Note: Patulin and heave metal are calculated as soluble solids of 10 Brix.
Sanitation Specifications
Items Specifications
TPC <100
Mold & Yeast <100
Coliform <3
Pathogenic Bacteria Not detected
Shelf Life & Storage: 2 years at 0-4℃
Packaging: 220kg/Drum
Pesticide Residues: The maximum pesticide residues should comply with the laws and regulations in each trading side.
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