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Clear Apple Juice Concentrate

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Clear Apple Juice Concentrate
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Clear Apple Juice Concentrate

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Details Product Attributes
Basic PropertiesClear and transparent,no visible impurity or suspended substance, Golden yellow to dark brown after long standing time. When dilute to 11.5 Brix, it should be with natural fresh apple fragrance and flavor, without other special smell.

 Physicochemical Specifications

Brix (by refract meter)  at 20℃ ≥70.0
Total acidity (% as malic acid, Ph 8.1) ≥1.0
PH value @ 11.5°Brix, 3.3~4.2
Ethanol   g/Kg ≤2.5
Color (%T) at 440nm, 11.5°Brix, ≥50 .0
Clarity (%T) at 625 nm, 11.5°Brix, ≥95.0
Absorbance (420 nm, 11.5°Brix) ≤0.35
Turbidity (NTU) at 11.5°Brix ≤3.0
Pectin, Starch at 11.5°Brix, Negative
  Hygiene and security Index
Patulin residue (μg/kg) at 11.5°Brix ≤25
Chlorpyrifos                                              mg/Kg <0.5
Malathion                                                  mg/Kg <0.5
Methamidophos                                        mg/Kg <0.01
Arsenic(at 11.5°Brix,, as As)               mg/Kg ≤0.1
Lead(at 11.5°Brix, as Pb)                   mg/Kg ≤0.05
Copper(at 11.5°Brix, as Cu)               mg/Kg ≤5.0
 Microbiological Index
Total Plate Count (cfu/ml) ≤100
Pathogenic Negative
Yeast & Mould (cfu/ml) ≤10
colifom Negative
Alicyclobacillus (cfu/50ml) <1
Shelf life:  18 months at 0-4℃
Packing : 275kg/Drum  22 MT in Flexi tank or ISO tank
Pesticide Residues: The maximum pesticide residues should comply with the laws and regulations in each trading side.