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Gojiberry juice Concentrate

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Gojiberry juice Concentrate
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Gojiberry juice Concentrate

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Details Product Attributes
Gojiberry juice Concentrate is made from fresh gojiberries, The raw material is selected from Organic standard gojiberry fields in Ningxia North-west part of China.  After cleaning, leaching, extraction, clearing, concentration and sterilization ect.T he juice maintaining original flavor, color and nutrition in maximum, especially the active ingredients such as the Goji polysaccharide, vitamin E, β-carotene, vitamin C, lutein and nutritional ingredients

Appearance:  Orange color exquisite pulp, no seed and peel, no foreign impurity. The color will become slight dark color after long time.
Physics & Chemical

Brix (%) ≥36.0
Titratable Acidity ( g/100g as citric acid ) ≥0.1
PH 3.5-4.5
TPC (cfu/ml) ≤1000
Yeast (cfu/ml) ≤20
Mould (cfu/ml) ≤20
Coliform ( MPN /100ml) ≤30
Pathogen (cfu/ml) ND
Application: widely used as raw materials of fruit juice and functional beverages.
Package: Aseptic packaging, 25kg or 200 kg per steel drum.
Storage: 5 - 8°C for 18 months
Harvest season:  Fresh Gojiberry from Mid- June to the end of July in summer and from Mid-September to the end of October in autumn.