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Tomato Powder
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Tomato Powder

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Basic Properties
The Tomato powder is take high concentration and high quality tomato paste as raw material with low temperature spray drying technology process. The appearance is red, Pure taste and delicious. Contain much tomato lycopene, protein, mineral substance and other nutritional ingredients. Keep the color, smell, and taste of tomatoes maximum limit. It has good solubility, each item reached international standards
Appearance: smooth loose red or orange red fine powder, with the unique aroma and taste of tomato without anypeculiar smell.
Type:  40 mesh, 60 mesh and 80 mesh
Item Specification
Impurity No visible foreign impurities, no obvious tomato seed or skin
Moisture %≤ 6.0
Total Acid ( As Anhydrous citric acid 4-10
Tomato Lycopene   mg/100g ≥ 130
Ash % ≤ 12
Pb  mg/kg ≤ 1.5
As  mg/kg ≤ 0.8
Cu  mg/kg ≤ 40
Aerobic bacterial count  g ≤ 1000
Coliform bacteria  1000g ≤ 100
Mould and yeast  g ≤ 500
 Application:  widely used in many kinds of foods as raw material and seasoning.
 Packing10kg / bag (Aluminum foil bag) X 2 bag / Carton
                12.5kg / bag (Aluminum foil bag) X2 bag / Carton
StorageRelative humidity<60%, Temperature<25℃